Snack Picker Chopsticks
Snack Picker Chopsticks
Snack Picker Chopsticks
Snack Picker Chopsticks
Snack Picker Chopsticks
Snack Picker Chopsticks
Snack Picker Chopsticks

Snack Picker Chopsticks

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The easiest way to enjoy your favourite snacks without getting your hands dirty is here! Introducing snack picker chopsticks! 

Made of durable, food-grade material with a finger engagement design that grips your finger securely yet comfortably. Providing you an easy to control chopsticks, so you can grab your food without crunching or slipping. Simply insert it onto your fingers and you can now eat peacefully and grease-free! Ideal for chips, cookies, marshmallows, jellies, popcorn, nuts and so on.

Stuff more chips onto your mouth without worrying about staining your beloved PC, phone or game controllers! A great multi-tasking tool which lets you keep your finger free and clean. Snack all you want without interrupting other activities. Perfect for video gamers, avid phone users, book lovers, editors, and more! 

No more constant wiping and washing of hands with this pair of this finger-worn chopstick!



  • Free-Hands Snack Chopstick
    Keep your fingers clean even when you snack chips and greasy foods. This finger-worn chopstick can be easily controlled and grab your favourite treats without getting your hands dirty! Simply insert your 2 fingers onto the C-shaped holder for a secured, comfortable fit and you’re done. You can now effortlessly pick up foods grease-free without your chopsticks falling! 
  • Extra-Fingers
    A multi-tasking snacking tool that allows you to munch your snacks without worrying about staining your stuff. It aims to keep your fingers free which helps you to concentrate on other tasks with perfectly clean hands. Great when playing video games, reading books, using phones and more possibilities! No more repeated wiping of fingers and accidental food stains.   
  • Comfortable Fit
    This miniature chopstick is compatible with most finger sizes. Designed with a flexible rubber for a comfortable fit regardless of how big or small your fingers are. It can rest between your fingers without falling so you won’t have to set it down between bites. Suitable for kids, teens, and adults. 
  • Wide Application
    You can use it on a lot of snacks including chips, cookies, marshmallows, jellies, popcorn, nuts and more possibilities! The finger slots can also act as a stand so you can simply slide it off your finger and leave it on a surface when you run out of food. 
  • Premium Material
    Made of food-grade, BPA-free materials with great durability, suitable for everyday use. It ensures your safety and prevents harmful chemicals from leaching out and contacting your food.


  • Material: food-grade, BPA-free materials
  • Size: 100mm x 51mm
  • Color: Black, White, Grey


    • 1 x Snack Picker Chopsticks

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