Easy French Nail Applicator
Easy French Nail Applicator
Easy French Nail Applicator
Easy French Nail Applicator
Easy French Nail Applicator
Easy French Nail Applicator

Easy French Nail Applicator

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💅Indulge yourself with the perfect at-home French mani-pedi using this easy French nail applicator!💅

It features a built-in smile line that allows the user to effortlessly create clean French tips across the nail! The applicator has
4 different sizes of flexible tips that can be shaped easily to fit flawlessly on the curvature of fingernails and toenails. Suitable for children, teens and adults! Simply dip the French nail applicator into the dip jar, gently apply it on each nail and you're done! You don’t have to trouble yourself in going to an expensive nail salon anymore!

This French nail applicator is also perfect for creating various nail designs and combinations! Test it out with colored polish, nail gels, glitters, formulas and so on. It is made of premium ABS material so you can reuse the nail applicator countless times without breaking. Ideal for beginners, manicurists, and nail art lovers!

💅Create the best French nail tip that even a professional nail artist would envy!💅 


  • Instant French Nail Tip💅
    Designed with a built-in smile line that creates clean and classic French tips with just a single brush! Saving you from the struggle of using guide stickers or making appointments at a salon for flawless white tip lines. Simply pour a small amount of nail polish into a dip jar, dip your desired tip size, gently apply it on your nails and done!  
  • Multiple Sized Tips💅
    This French nail applicator features 4 different sizes of tips that can work for most fingers and toes. The tips are flexible so it can be easily formed by pinching or flattening it to fit perfectly on the curvature of the user’s nails. No worries as it will slowly turn automatically to its original shape so it can be also used by anyone else! Suitable for children, teens and adults. What’s more? Each tip can be cut effortlessly if you want a personal custom fittings!
  • Reusable Tool💅
    The applicator can be cleaned up by plainly wiping it with a cotton ball and a nail polish remover. It is small and portable, making it easy to store and reuse for another perfect French tip! No need to change after each use so you can utilize the French nail applicator to their fullest extent and save money!
  • Endless Combinations💅
    You can create countless nail designs and combinations using only this French nail applicator! Try it out with various colored polish, nail gels, glitters, formulas and more possibilities! Perfect for manicurists, nail art lovers, and those who do their own mani and pedi.
  • Premium Material💅
    Made of high-quality ABS material that is completely safe to make in contact with your nails and skin. The applicator is durable and comfortable to use, perfect for constant French nail tip application. 


  • Material: ABS material
  • Size: 8cm x 8cm


  • 1 x Easy French Nail Applicator

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